Community Possibilities

The Virtues Project and Strategic Insight Facilitation with Dr. Geri Lynn Peak

April 27, 2022 Geri Lynn Peak PhD Season 2 Episode 24
Community Possibilities
The Virtues Project and Strategic Insight Facilitation with Dr. Geri Lynn Peak
Show Notes

Geri Lynn Peak PhD, is Chief Insight Facilitator at Two Gems Consulting Services. Geri is a consultant with over 30 years of experience providing evaluation, technical assistance, training and applied research to her clients. Dr. Peak’s work focuses on racial justice and equity as well as young people, women, families and communities.

Dr. Peak founded Two Gems Consulting Services (TGCS) in 1997 and practices evaluation through a process she developed called Strategic Insight Facilitation. Individuals using this process are aptly named Insight Facilitators.

In this episode of CPP: Ann and Geri discuss the spiritual and functional power of getting people together to find a solution to a community challenge, and the steps that must be taken to get to that solution.

Questions and topics discussed are:

  • How do we treat others who disagree?
  • How do we treat men vs. women in leadership roles?
  • What questions do we(communities) refuse to ask?
  • “The global culture does not ask “”what didn't work?””
  • “We dont ask questions beyond the norm or already known”
  • What questions SHOULD community members ask?
  • “What can we agree on?”

Dr. Peak details what services TGCS offers their clients, including the Virtues Project

The Virtues Project teaches 5 strategies, 

  1. 1. Speaking the language of virtue
  2. 2. Recognizing teachable moments
  3. 3. Setting clear boundaries
  4. 4. Honoring the spirit
  5. 5. Art of companioning

Geri’s Personal Biography

 craft-y (spinner/crocheter/knitter/metalsmith-ish/beadworker/dyer/weaver/sewer) designer, poet, african/modern/middle eastern dancer, djembe drummer, handpan newbie, guitar pretender, avid organic vegetable gardener, cat whisperer, native angelina, baltimore import, world traveler, introvert, nerd/blerd, trekkie, techie, gamer, afrofae, wisdom conjurer, spiritual warrior, collaborator, action-taker, maker, evaluator, coach, guide, degree-holder, scientist, entrepreneur, daughter, mother, wife, elder, learner, empathetic, recovering-sarcastic, bahá'í, black/pupil-of-the-eye, cis woman transforming. 

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