Community Possibilities

We have to know our history to change it. A conversation with Christie VanHorne

April 27, 2021 Ann Price Season 1 Episode 4
Community Possibilities
We have to know our history to change it. A conversation with Christie VanHorne
Show Notes

Christine VanHorne is a public health consultant, speaker, trainer, facilitator, patient advocate and a fearless advocate for race equity and health disparities. I met Christie in Heather Sager's Speak Up to Level Up Class. Her journey from undergrad student  majoring in Genocide studies, to the Peace Corps, to Public Health,  will motivate you. We have a great conversation about how white people must speak up against racism, working in communities, speaking to your doctor and so much more. It is the stories people have to share that motivate Christie. Enjoy!

Learn about Christie:
Christine is the President of CVH Consulting and founder of How to Talk to Your Doctor, a project that aims to address health literacy with patients and health professionals. As a consultant, Christie develops health curriculum, leads train-the-trainers for nonprofit and healthcare professionals, and facilitates community coalitions and working groups to improve health outcomes. With 20 years of experience in the health sector, two masters (Education / Public Health), service in the Peace Corps, and appearances on numerous health-focused podcasts, Christie is passionate about bringing her expertise where it is most needed. Christie has consulted for organizations such as the Hemophilia Federation of America, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, National Environmental Health Association, Malcolm X College, Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, and Planned Parenthood. She lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley, NY with her husband and two dogs.

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