Community Possibilities

A Personal Path to the Work: LaTreece Roby Talks About Substance Abuse Prevention

May 11, 2021 LaTreece Roby Season 1 Episode 5
Community Possibilities
A Personal Path to the Work: LaTreece Roby Talks About Substance Abuse Prevention
Show Notes

I have always believed that those of us working to change our communities in some way, whether that be through education, mental health, social issues, or public health, come to this work for a reason. We may or may not always admit that.

Meet LaTreece Roby. Her family history drives her to the work of substance abuse prevention, and as an ACOA myself (Adult Child of an Alcoholic) I totally get that. This work is personal.

LaTreece and I met several years ago when I became the external evaluation consultant for CCAPSA, the Cobb Community Alliance to Prevent Substance Abuse. I love it when my clients teach me something and LaTreece does just that. She is always coming up with new ways to attract and engage youth and uses tech in creative ways. From FaceBook Lives to Instagram filters, LaTreece never stops pushing herself to reach her community. I hope you will enjoy our conversation.

About LaTreece:
LaTreece is a wife, mother of 3 and the Program Director with Cobb Community Alliance to Prevent Substance Abuse in Cobb County, Ga.  As program director for CCAPSA, the bulk of LaTreece’s work involves managing a 12-sector drug free community coalition in Kennesaw, Ga. 

After growing up in Ohio and seeing addiction fracture family relationships and destroy peoples lives within her own family, LaTreece wandered into a prescription drug and heroin summit at her local YMCA. This began her journey, passion for and new career in substance use prevention. 

LaTreece recognizes that the key to building a drug free community is understanding how our youth are experiencing the world and empowering them to be the change in their communities and schools. The Drug-Free Kennesaw coalition prides itself on its exceptional youth engagement and employing “outside of the box” strategies in their prevention efforts. 

LaTreece works with various organizations in both substance use prevention and suicide prevention, this includes being a member of the “Let’s Get Clear” marijuana abuse prevention advocacy board aa well as a national contract trainer with Sources of Strength suicide prevention program. LaTreece hopes that one day her efforts and the many others around her will eradicate the disease of addiction and its multigenerational effects. 

Contact LaTreece:
FaceBook: @LaTreece Roby