Community Possibilities

Shining Her Light in Communities: Meet Sherrye Willis and Alliance for Greater Works

June 15, 2021 Sherrye Willis Season 1 Episode 8
Community Possibilities
Shining Her Light in Communities: Meet Sherrye Willis and Alliance for Greater Works
Show Notes

Sherrye Willis leads by faith and acts in service to marginalized communities. You will love this episode and be inspired by Sherrye. She has been working in communities and with nonprofits and foundations for more than 30 years. 

Sherrye was drawn to service through the example of her father, an ordained minister, and her mother. Her deep faith guides her work today. As the Executive Director of Alliance for Greater works, Sherrye and her team build community leaders, offer training and technical assistance and help to build cross-sector collaboration in order to help build equitable communities. 

"It is who I am, not what I do." That quote sums up Sherrye in a nutshell. In this episode, why some communities have more trauma and less resources than others, about conflict and how it is necessary if we really want to change communities, and so much more. A little hope is all you need. That, and finding the community members who really care about their community.

Sherrye's bio:
Sherrye Willis, MBA is the founder and president of Alliance for Greater Works, a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming marginalized communities so that all people have opportunities to thrive. Foremost a servant leader, Sherrye founded Alliance for Greater Works in 2001 to answer a call to serve organizations working in under- resourced communities. Since then, she and Alliance have dedicated time, resources, and talent to equip community leaders with the skills, resources, and capacity to create systemic change and a more just society. Check out Alliance for Greater Works  

She brings more than 30 years of expertise as an executive, author, speaker, coach, and certified adult-learner trainer to her work in her immediate community, throughout Texas, and beyond. Sherrye has previously served as the executive director of a private family foundation with over $10 million in assets and a chief development officer in higher education and art institutions. She has also consulted for thousands of leaders and organizations domestically and internationally.

In her ever-limited spare time, Sherrye loves listening to jazz, traveling, reading, and spending time with her best friend and husband, Joe.

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