Community Possibilities

Serving those who Served Us: Suicide Prevention with Qwynn Galloway-Salazar

August 11, 2021 Qywnn Gentry-Salazar Season 1 Episode 10
Community Possibilities
Serving those who Served Us: Suicide Prevention with Qwynn Galloway-Salazar
Show Notes

Many of us say  we support our military.  Qwynn.  Galloway-Salazar  has spent her entire professional career doing just that. A veteran herself, Qwynn knows and understands our veterans and their families.  She talks about the "moral injures of war" and how our veterans are affected in ways you and I can't know. Some of these injuries resurface at the end of their lives.

Get ready to be inspired!  This episode is full of heart. Qwynn talks about knowing your why and coming to understand her mission and purpose.  And have your notebook handy for some great quotes.  Like "The place God calls you is where your deepest gladness is and the world's deepest hunger meet" and "Its hard work but it's heart work."

What does she see for communities in the future?  A movement where compassion to one another, no matter the color of our skin or genders is our reality. Because as Qwynn says, "It doesn't cost any money to care."

Qwynn 's Galloway-Salazar's Bio
Ms. Galloway-Salazar is the Co-Director for SAMHSA’s Service Members, Veterans, and their Families Technical Assistance (SMVF TA) Center at Policy Research Associates, Inc. (PRA). In her role, she co-leads the day-to-day operations of the SMVF TA Center, providing guidance on technical assistance tasks, developing tools and resources, collaborating with Federal partners, and providing technical assistance to states, territories, and local communities working to strengthen their behavioral health systems for SMVF. In the last three years, she has played a significant role in designing and coordinating the Governor’s and Mayor’s Challenge to Prevent Suicide Among Service Members, Veterans, and their Families Policy and Implementation Academy’s. To date, there has been a total of 35 states and 18 communities that have accepted the challenge! 

 Ms. Galloway-Salazar is an Army Veteran and spouse to a retired combat veteran serving in law enforcement. Her years of military and professional experience have provided her with the knowledge and abilities to support the needs of the SMVF population. Some of her previous roles included serving as a state project director, a Veteran and Family Advocate, a trainer, a research manager in academia, a state behavioral health program coordinator for the Georgia Army National Guard, and a behavioral health treatment court liaison. In 2009, she assisted the state of Georgia with the development of jail diversion programming for Veterans, which aided in the growth of Veteran Treatment Courts. She also has experience bridging the gaps between criminal justice and behavioral health systems. With this knowledge, Ms. Galloway-Salazar has trained law enforcement and other criminal justice professionals on encounters with the mentally ill to include Veterans. 

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