Community Possibilities

Caring for the Community: Dr. Kim Broomfield-Massey

August 25, 2021 Dr. Kim Broomfield-Massey Season 1 Episode 11
Community Possibilities
Caring for the Community: Dr. Kim Broomfield-Massey
Show Notes

Community Psychologist, evaluator, facilitator, and caretaker, Dr. Kim Broomfield-Massey loves her clients and you will love her to. She describes herself as a caretaker. That is not something you hear very often among evaluators.  Like me, Kim wanted to be a clinician, but discovered Community Psychology.  It was a personal decision.

The information people share is not just numbers. It reflects the lived experience of community members. As Kim says, "We are giving voice to what people have entrusted to us."
Kim seeks first to understand the needs and the culture of the community and organizations she works with.

Kim is an expert in maternal and child health and an advocate for breastfeeding moms, especially among black and brown communities.  She shares her work with the Center for Black Women's Wellness and it's a great example of centering the community's voices. This work has led Kim to be a leader with the US Breastfeeding Committee. Kim also has a new project, Stepping Up, that connects people in jail who are in need of mental health treatment. It's an initiative that seeks to change policies around mental health to create a continuum of care.

Thanks for listening! If you are a community leader and are struggling to use your community data, I have a free new mini-course for you. It will help you learn how to better tell your nonprofit or community story. Grab it here.

Connect with Kim
Kim's company is: Urban Metrics Consultants
Her website will be live in September 2021:

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Dr. Broomfield-Massey's Bio
Kimberley Broomfield-Massey, Ph.D. is an experienced evaluator and researcher specializing in participatory methods, quantitative and qualitative research, and meeting facilitation. Dr. Broomfield-Massey completed her doctoral work in the field of Community Psychology, with a focus in program evaluation at Georgia State University, in 2007.  Dr. Broomfield-Massey is an African American female researcher who uses her lived experience as an African American woman to ensure that all data procedures respect the values and diversity of the clients served by the programs she assesses. Valuing the wisdom of both the community and academia, Kimberley uses her academic and professional experiences to serve as a conduit to foster a bi-directional exchange between both perspectives. The majority of Dr. Broomfield-Massey’s experience involves conducting collaborative evaluations with local, regional and national non-profit organizations. Engaging in collaborative evaluations requires a specific skill set, which includes learning to present complex messages in a clear, concise manner without being perceived as condescending; managing strong opposing personalities; and creating a safe space in which all participants become aware of the value of their individual perspectives.